Effect of Nebulized Salbutamol Premedication onPerioperative Respiratory Adverse Events in Children with Recent Respiratory Tract Infections

  • Mustafa Mohammed SalihAnaesthesia
  • Hussein Talip Mohsin


Background: A recent upper respiratory tract infection is linked to the development of peri-operative respiratory complications.
Aim of study: To evaluate the effect of salbutamol premedication on the incidence of peri-operative respiratory adverse events in children with a recent upper respiratory tract infection(PRAE).
Patient and method: A randomized clinical trial study that conducted at Children Welfare Teaching Hospital for a period of six months.It included 90 children aged ≤ 16 years underwent surgical operation under general anesthesia with a laryngeal mask airway or a tracheal tube and divided into three groups (had a recent URTI and received preoperative salbutamol, had a recent URTI and didn’t receive preoperative salbutamol, and healthy children group). The preferred outcome was the difference in the rate of occurrence of PRAE between children having received salbutamol and those haven’t.
Result:Four healthy children (13.3%) developed peri-operative respiratory adverse events.Incidence of bronchospasm and severe cough were significantly higher in patients with URTI and didn’t received preoperative salbutamol than that in those with URTI and received preoperative salbutamol.